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Whether you’re a passionate movie buff or the most discerning audiophile, or you are designing or refurbishing your home with smart technology systems, Good Vibrations is the perfect technology partner to enhance your day-to-day lifestyle experience.

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Good Vibrations Sound Installations is a family owned company, built on quality workmanship & integrity

our expertise

our expertise

You’re in great hands

We have over 10 years’ experience in the electrical trade and over 15 years’ experience in the AV industry. We are A Grade electricians that are also highly trained in the AV industry with accreditations including: THX, CEDIA, KNX & ACRS Master cablers (licensed for data and communications). Michael and his team at Good Vibrations are also committed to ongoing training in technologies, programming, integration and new products both locally and worldwide. Our Energy Safe Victoria Registered Electrical Contractor number is 17752.

Good Vibrations is a true one-stop-shop for all your audio-visual needs.



ongoing training

THX Cedia KNX ACRS Energy Safe Victoria

home cinema & audio

home cinemaToday’s High Definition technology brings the excitement of the big cinema experience into the privacy of the family home.

From the classroom to the boardroom, educational institutions and businesses can benefit from sophisticated audio-visual media systems, paving the way for state-of-the-art presentations and communications.

At Good Vibrations, no audio, cinema design or installation project is too big or too small. From installation and set-up of a plasma TV, a cinema package on a budget, or a dedicated indoor/outdoor custom cinema, Good Vibrations has the expertise, creativity and experience to transform your vision into reality.

home automation

home automation

Home Automation or “smart wired” homes reduce clutter and confusion by combining all audio-visual entertainment systems and other electrical devices into one easy-to-manage system.

With home automation you’re not only future-proofing your home by making it quicker and easier to add new technology as it becomes available, but you can also manage your energy consumption by controlling when, where and how much energy is used.

Home automation provides the flexibility to remotely access devices in your home; from security cameras, blinds, to indoor or outdoor lights. No matter where you are, you can still be in control of your home.



Good Vibrations is the perfect technology partner to enhance your day-to-day lifestyle experience

our clients

our clients

Good Vibrations has a vast array of clientelle

We work with everyone from home-owners and renovators to builders, architects and interior designers to create your ideal audio-visual and multi-media solutions.

our commitment

our commitment

To provide excellent quality products and workmanship

We are driven by a dedication to enhance your entertainment experiences and lifestyle by employing functional and usable technology. The experts at Good Vibrations will assist you throughout the entire process from conceptual ideas to selection and installation of components which suit your unique needs and environment. Our ongoing service does not stop after installation; we provide personalised training to ensure you fully understand the operation of your new equipment and provide full service and maintenance of all systems.



High Definition technology brings the experience of Gold Class Cinema to the privacy of your home

Good Vibrations makes the home cinema experience truly accessible with a wide range of cinematic designs and choices to suit all budgets. The quality of full High Definition home cinema images often surpasses that of the movie theatre, so team this with a surround sound system to suit your personal audio tastes, and you can enjoy entertaining friends and family in your lounge or home cinema.

custom cinema the ultimate home cinema experience

home cinemaGood Vibrations works with you, your architects or builders to design, construct and install an entertainment environment that captures your individual dreams and tastes. This could be a thematic scheme based on a film genre, a particular style of décor, or a setting that’s evocative of an exotic location. Your personal entertainment space can be indoors or outdoors – it’s only limited by your imagination!

We design and construct wall and ceiling finishes – including spectacular airbrushed murals – flooring, lighting, seating and decorative elements; all with a focus on aesthetic and acoustic quality. To satisfy your personal taste the components, speakers and cabling can be feature items or completely hidden (in custom-built cabinets or mounted in walls behind plaster or wallpaper).

Our customised remote controls incorporate all your entertainment technologies into one simple system for ease of use.

Good Vibrations is a true one-stop-shop for all your audio-visual needs.

partner products

partner products

Access to quality brands

Good Vibrations is proud to be an authorised sales agent for premium brands. Additionally, we can supply any product on the market to match your specific requirements. And where necessary, we can customise components.

Our product range is limitless!

Good Vibrations is a true one-stop-shop for all your audio-visual needs.

Marantz Jamo Mordaunt-Short
JVC Denon Helsyn
Loewe Cabasse Metz
Oppo Swan Pro-Ject
Tivoli Polk MK Sound
Boston Acoutics PS Audio Rotel
Kordz NAD Tannoy
Sunfire Niles Stealth Acoustics
Push Sonos

personalised service

personalised service

your one-stop-shop

Good Vibrations’ personalised service includes full training and ongoing support to ensure your absolute enjoyment and satisfaction with this investment in your lifestyle and property.



The smart investment in lifestyle quality & energy management

home automation

home automation

smart wired – smart homes

Home automation, “smart wired” or “smart homes”, is fast becoming a popular investment in lifestyle quality and energy management. The benefits are endless – from audio-visual networking, superior data access, wireless systems and cabling management, to energy conservation and control of power sources such as lighting, heating and cooling. There is no limit to the applications and range. Be it a single room, an entire house or outdoors areas, home automation can provide you with the solution you’re looking for.

future-proof your home

While home automation assists with today’s needs, it also helps you prepare for tomorrow’s media solutions and future technology. It’s the ultimate investment to future-proof your home!

Hager Tebis Wired by MJD

custom configuration

custom configuration

your lifestyle – your preferences

Good Vibrations creates a custom system to streamline and manage all your household electrical devices which are controlled through a central, easy to manage, and future-proofed hub.

The flexibility of home automation is particularly attractive. The custom nature of this arrangement allows you to configure your system to your specific needs. Your system can be operated to a schedule or specific criteria; for instance, lights or heating can be triggered when a person is detected in a room or area. You can also access the controls remotely, by web or phone, providing valuable security benefits while you’re away from home.




Good Vibrations features in the recent issue of Luxury Home Design magazine

our expertise

Future Living

Luxury Home Design, Australia

“Being such an important part of contemporary life, technology and audio-visual entertainment systems should influence any home renovation design. By utilising Good Vibrations’ home automation expertise in the initial stages of their renovation, the clients have been rewarded with a fully integrated and remotely accessed hightech residence. By providing bathroom mirror plasmas, a built-in bedroom ceiling television, and a home theatre room that will challenge any cinema experience, the Good Vibrations team have created yet another tech-lover’s paradise.”

– Luxury Home Design, Australia

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At Good Vibrations we welcome your enquiry and look forward to becoming your next technology partner.

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